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Easter Sats revision classes 'a growing trend'

The NASUWT teachers' union says primary pupils should be spending time at home with their families. more

More female teachers report upskirting, says union

The NASUWT union says schools should consider banning mobile phones to protect staff and pupils. more

ENA: The elite French school that trains presidents

ENA is a finishing school for French leaders - but its days of elitism may be numbered. more

Teachers face weekly violence from pupils, says survey

Many more say verbal abuse is part of daily working life, a teachers' union survey finds. more

Teachers 'paying for resources out of own money'

One in five teachers buys lesson materials once a week, a survey by the NASUWT union suggests. more

World's Best Teacher Peter Tabichi on how he reached the top

Peter Tabichi from Kenya, who was named World's Best Teacher, shares what makes him stand out and what he hopes for teachers in Africa. more

Teachers: Unions criticise minimum wage internship

Two teaching unions criticise an internship for teachers run by Stranmillis University College. more

Warning over pupils moving between schools

A report says high numbers switching schools might conceal pupils being "off-rolled". more

TED 2019: Prize to online classes project causes controversy

Plans to give millions of dollars to a program for online learning for pre-schoolers has been criticised. more

Pupils shut in isolation rooms for hours, teachers say

Teachers tell how zero tolerance behaviour policies are sending pupils into isolation rooms for hours. more